Essential oils

"I have decided to be happy because it's good for my health"
- according to Voltaire

My journey into the world of aromatherapy began at the most wonderful time in a woman's life - the creation of life. Instinct demanded that from the very first breath, the little one be surrounded by the most natural and non-toxic environment possible. I needed to protect her from man-made chemicals. As soon as I started thinking of the possible tummy aches, teething, and insufficient milk, an inner voice called out for natural remedies from nature.

Aromatherapy in my family is a natural and effective way to promote health. Furthermore, the enchanting world of aromas is for me one of our favourite holistic tools that helps you return, in a matter of seconds, to your inner centre, your inner balance, to remember who you really are.

I believe that on the path of the search for happiness, we discover many instruments that help us to find that true joy faster and easier. However, some instruments work for us, some don't, some resonate, some get lost, some we don't even get to see or use.

It is not new for anyone anymore that absolutely everything in the world around us emits certain vibrations. We humans are no exception. Every action, thought or word we speak affects the vibrations of our bodies in one way or another.

How can we keep the electromagnetic waves emitted by our bodies high in order to stay healthy? How do we raise the vibrations of our surroundings to protect us.

According to researchers in Washington, D.C., using Tainio technology, the vibrational frequencies of essential oils are the highest of any natural substance known to man. That's why it only takes a few inhalations of a therapeutic grade essential oil to restore your vibration in just a few seconds.

For me personally, aromatherapy helps me to radiate, to stay in the light in times of ambiguity and transformation.

So, if you have a feeling that the path to the world of aromatherapy is yours, but you don't know where and how to start, we can open the door together.

I invite you get in touch with me.