Inspiration is an attunement to our inner guidance, leading to the joy of being part of creation, and the happiness of sharing it with others.

Life is harmony

Political science graduate who became a professional musician, I dream of uplifting people with notes and words.

My background is quite unexpected and embraces a large spectrum of activities. First on the piano, then with my alto sax and trombone/tuba, I took the curve in 2012, leaving my job to fully answer my creative aspirations. Still living in Belgium, I became organist, conductor assistant of a wind orchestra, and developed my skills as accompanist and performer.

From choirs to street bands, from show scenography to CD recording, from symphonic ensembles to jazz improvisation, I have shared my talent with countless projects, both on the artistic and human level. My main achievement is the piano solo of Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" with orchestra.

Over the years, I have developed a passion for words. I have written more than 50 poems, most of which became songs, some were recorded with my band Casanoé.

In 2019, I have published my first book "La Dernière Révolution", a story of a group a friends, written as a diary, an account of their fascinating philosophical and spiritual journey, bringing a simple and unexpected answer to the multiple crises of our time.

I am currently dedicating my free time to leading a new choir I have created in 2023. "The Garfunkels - International Choir of Vilnius" gathers amateur singers from around 15 nationalities for a weekly rehearsal. Our repertoire, diverse and light, includes gospels, American folk, chansons françaises, spirituals, etc. (More info see below)

And many new projects are growing, in my head, in my heart... to share happiness!